Comprehensive cable fault locator

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The new SMART THUMP ST25-30 portable cable test set from Megger offers an automated test sequence for identifying, pre-locating and pinpointing cable faults complemented by automatic interpretation of the test results. This functionality, together with the test set’s advanced safety features, means that even non-specialist users can obtain dependable results easily, quickly and safely. Advanced users are also catered for and can customise all functions through the instrument’s innovative and intuitive user interface.

Capable of delivering 1600 J at 12.5 or 25 kV, and of performing proof/burn tests at up to 30 kV, the new SMART THUMP ST25-30 has been developed specifically to meet the need for a convenient and comprehensive test set for use on 11 kV to 35 kV medium-voltage distribution systems. Typical users include utility companies, private and municipal network operators, specialist service companies, port authorities and petrochemical companies.

“Delays in locating cable faults can be very costly, yet fault location is usually considered to be something that can only be carried out quickly and efficiently by engineers with specialist expertise,” said Tony Walker, Applications Engineer of Megger. “Our new SMART THUMP ST25-30 changes all of that. With its built-in intelligence, it guides users through the fault location process and provides results that are easy to understand. Consequently, even inexperienced users can find cable faults faster and more accurately, which means big reductions in cost and disruption.”

Megger’s new SMART THUMP ST25-30 incorporates an impulse generator (thumper), a time-domain reflectometer (TDR) and a large colour display screen. In common with other recent Megger products for power applications, it uses E-tray technology which provides a consistent user interface and thereby substantially reduces training requirements.