Complete kits with IET or XL handle

Paul Boughton

Pentair has expanded its portfolio of complete kits for Schroff plug-in units. These kits are now available with the so-called IET handle or an XL handle for very high insertion and extraction forces. The kits consist of a front panel, one or two handles (top and/or bottom) and fixing and shielding elements.

The design of the plug-in units with the IET handle makes them particularly well-suited for telecommunications applications, where large numbers of cables must be run and thus only limited space is available between the cabinet door and plug-in unit. This handle is suitable for insertion and extraction forces of up to 700 N per pair.

Complete kits with IET handles are available as 3U/4 HP, 3U/8 HP and 3U/12 HP, also as 6U/4 HP, 6U/8 HP and 6U/12 HP with U front panel and textile gasketing. Plug-in units with IET handle are suitable for coding and can be used in all VME64x, VPX, VXS and CompactPCI applications.

The kits with the XL handle are suitable for insertion and extraction forces of up to 1500 N per pair and are available in sizes 6U/4HP, 6U/8 HP and 6 HE/12 HP.

All complete kits can be ordered using a single part number, making ordering easier for the customer and ensures that nothing is forgotten.

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