Compact TFT displays benefit from high-performance technologies

Paul Boughton

Many embedded electronics systems require a graphical user interface capable of displaying bright, vivid display images and information. Two new products from Hitachi's Display Products Group (DPG) are the compact 7.0inch and 8.0inch, wide aspect ratio TFT display modules featuring many of Hitachi's latest display technology innovations. The new 7.0inch TX18D35VM0AAA and 8.0inch TX20D26VM0AAA feature the latest evolutions of Hitachi's renowned In-Plane-Switching technology, IPS-Pro, which provides a stable colour image from any viewing angle, excellent colour saturation and a very high contrast ratio. The new TX18D35VM0AAA and TX20D26VM0AAA support a 15:9 wide aspect ratio and a display resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA), which enable flexible graphical user interfaces to be designed for many application environments. Challenging industrial environments are ably supported with a wide operating temperature range of -30 to +80 degrees C.
Demand for displays with wide viewing angles and wide fields of vision has increased for embedded systems and equipment designs. Many graphical user interfaces now require highly consistent optical performance and accurate image reproduction, and contrast and colour characteristics must be maintained over a wide range of viewing angles and positions. When viewed from an acute angle, a conventional TFT display will exhibit a loss of brightness and display image colours become inverted. Hitachi's IPS-Pro TFT technology as implemented in the TX18D35VM0AAA and TX20D26VM0AAA display modules overcome the limitations of conventional TFT display technology. Additionally the new 7.0inch and 8.0inch Hitachi IPS-Pro displays offer a very effective cost-versus-performance display option when compared with traditional TN (twisted nematic) TFT display modules.
In addition, the new transmissive TFT display modules also continue Hitachi's implementation of rugged and reliable LED backlighting in medium-sized TFT display modules. The high-brightness LED backlights provide excellent image uniformity and impressive 600:1 contrast ratio while delivering a brightness of 600cd/m2 and a lifetime of 70,000 hours.
The TX18D35VM0AAA and TX20D26VM0AAA implement an industry-standard six-bit RGB CMOS data interface that enables a colour palette of up to 262K colours to be employed. The two new display modules feature compact mechanical dimensions of 165.0mm (w) x 104.0mm (h) x 12.8mm (d) and 190.0mm (w) x 120.0mm (h) x 12.8mm (d) respectively.
Touch panel versions of the displays, the 7.0inch TX18D35VM0APA and 8.0inch TX20D26VM0APA, are also available, making these four new display modules useful for many embedded applications such as in-flight entertainment, media terminals, navigation systems, home automation and industrial user interfaces. The new TX18D35 and TX20D26 display modules are supplied via Hitachi Display Products Group distribution partners and is available across Europe immediately.
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