Compact Mini-PCs

Louise Smyth

ICOP Technology has now extended its EBOX Box-PC series - which was introduced last year - with 40 further system configurations.

New interfaces include variants with 4G LTE, CAN Bus support and CF card slots as well as a classic printer interfaces (LPT). Additionally the highly successful systems - which to date were exclusively available with DM&P Vortex86DX2 processors - can now be purchased with higher performance DM&P Vortex86DX3 processors.

The ICOP Technology portfolio of extremely compact systems (115 x 115 x 35 mm (w x d x h)) with various interface options has now been extended from 88 to 128 variants which each can be fitted with different processors. This amounts to an impressive total of 256 EBOX Box-PCs. Due to the huge number of possible variants these industrial-grade Mini-PCs offer, a fitting solution can be found for nearly every OEM and system integrator requirement off the shelf. As an option, customer-specific variants can be assembled even from a lot size of just one unit - a service unrivalled in the embedded Box-PC system market.

Thanks to the LTE interface, the systems now offer all the options for IoT connection and remote management functions. Target applications of the systems are to be found anywhere where IoT connected control computers and IoT gateways based on highly cost-efficient x86 technology are required. In the infotainment and digital signage markets application fields are for example in trains, buses, airports and hotels.

In the HMI segment applications can be found in airplane and vehicle cockpits or in GUIs for professional fitness devices or pick & place displays in logistics environments. Vending, jukebox and gaming machines are further examples. In the retail segment they are used in card readers, cash systems or self-service terminals. Further deployment fields are control computers for home automation as well as a wide range of access control systems. Last but not least, the vast range of applications in industrial control and medical applications are part of the systems' repertoire of applications.

The extensive range of interfaces, including numerous legacy I/Os, for example LPT or serial RS-232, RS-485 configurations makes the systems ideal for connecting existing equipment to new IoT applications. This ensures that OEMs and companies can further secure their investments.