Compact HMI with advanced functionality

Paul Boughton

Mitsubishi Electric has added a new, compact, colour HMI to its GOT2000 range, bringing superior visualisation and enhanced functionality to a wide range of applications. The GT2104 offers a 4.3 inch, high resolution TFT display, with a widescreen format and the ability to display more than 65,000 colours, bringing new levels of realism to screen elements for enhanced usability.

At the same time, while offering a cost-effective entry level HMI option, the GT2104 also offers users functions previously only found in higher end products, such as data logging, multi-channel operation, operator authentication, backup/restore functionality and Mitsubishi Electric’s ‘FA transparent’ function to simplify PC access to connected automation components.

The GT2104 has been designed to provide an affordable alternative where users might previously have only been able to justify use of a monochrome HMI. The highly compact body makes the HMI suitable for use even in space-limited applications, while the 480x272 pixel, 4.3 inch high resolution display means there is no compromise in usability or readability.

The high resolution backlit display ensures superior clarity in the display of screen elements such as graphs, meters and switches, with the 65,536 colours allowing these elements to be given a much more lifelike and realistic appearance, all of which aids usability. For added flexibility, the GT2104 can be used in a vertical orientation in addition to the more standard horizontal, enabling it be used in applications with only a very narrow mounting space.

The GT2104 builds in a host of connectivity options as standard, including Ethernet, USB and serial (RS422/485 and RS232), as well as an SD card interface. Within each of these options, Mitsubishi Electric offers a number of unique functions that further separate the GT2104 from comparable HMIs in the market.

Mitsubishi Electric’s FA transparent function enables users to connect a PC to the GT2014 and link through it transparently to connected automation equipment, simplifying setup, programming, monitoring, modification and testing of those components, which might be mounted deep within a panel or machine.

The GT2104 also offers a multi-channel function, which allows a single GOT HMI to be simultaneously connected to and control two channels of FA devices over Ethernet or serial communications. Furthermore, the data logging functionality enables users to uniformly manage data from a number of FA devices connected to the GT2104 for later analysis.

With the backup/restore function, parameters and programs of connected equipment such as PLCs and inverters can all be stored on the SD card. Then, if a problem arises on a piece of equipment or a new component needs to be installed, the program or parameters can be quickly restored without the need to connect a PC, minimising downtime.

Recognising the importance of security and to help eliminate unintended operator errors, the GT2104 offers operator authentication, where different levels of operator access and display can be defined by passwords.

With its advanced functionality, enhanced visualisation, flexible mounting and environmental protection up to IP67F, the GT2104 provides an attractive entry-level HMI option in a host of factory automation applications. But it also brings benefits to users in a wide range of other industries, with applications including control of air conditioning systems or lighting in buildings, payment machines in car parks, ordering and reservation systems in restaurants, for user interfaces in medical care systems, and as a control panel in solar power plants.