Communication module for mobile machine monitoring and control

Louise Smyth

For simple and comprehensive position monitoring of portable systems and mobile machines, CONTA-CLIP presents the new GSM-PRO2 series I/O-modules with optional GPS functionality.

The GSM-PRO2 GPS can reliably determine its location at any time and enable users to view the current position of their mobile systems eg via a web browser on a map.

All new GSM-PRO2 series I/O communication modules from CONTA-CLIP enable remote access for decentralised applications via 2G/3G wireless networks. 

Users can switch the digital relay outputs via SMS and get information from the device via automated SMS or email if status changes occur or limit values are breached.

Compared with the earlier GSM PRO series, the new GSM PRO2 support a significantly greater number of inputs and outputs with up to 15 plug-in I/O extension modules as needed. The GSM-PRO2 comes with two onboard inputs that can be configured for digital (24V DC) or analogue (0.. 10V / 0. 20mA) signals depending on applications requirements, a pulse counter input with a maximum resolution of 1000 pulses per second, and a universal contact relay output. The expansion modules are available in four different versions: with ten 24V digital inputs, eight adjustable multi-function inputs (0... 10 V, 0(4)...20 mA, NTC, RTD), four relay outputs for continuous currents up to 16A, or four 0...10 V analog outputs. A quick and easy connection is ensured with built-in connectors that handle power supply as well as data transfer.

An app for iPhone and Android devices enables fast and easy monitoring and control of the communication module and allows for a quick overview of the status of all inputs and outputs of several GSM-PRO2-modules at once. The GSM-PRO2 can be parameterised in a web browser and requires no programming know-how. Even after installing and commissioning the modules, firmware updates and online configuration changes can be easily carried out at any time via the GSM network.