Combating pipeline contamination

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UK manufacturer Amazon Filters is targeting the global gas industry with its latest innovation in meltblown depth filter cartridges.

Contour Gas is designed to stop black powder, a common form of contamination that accumulates in pipework, reaching downstream equipment and instrumentation.

Black powder is mainly composed of fine but hard particles of iron oxide (Fe2O3) and iron sulfide (FeS) in sizes from 100µm down to sub-micron level.

Typically caused by corrosion and erosion in upstream pipework, the particles are swept along at high speed in the gas flow. Accumulations can harm downstream equipment, risking costly downtime and endangering production safety.

Ideal for high-flow, large-diameter applications, Contour Gas cartridges are made in a tightly controlled manufacturing process supported by environmental quality systems.

It involves high-strength fibres being blown continuously onto a central mandrel, building into a one-piece, core-free construction resistant to unloading and media shedding.
Efficiency has been tested in line with the requirements of major oil and gas companies using specific challenge levels appropriate to real-life installations.

Karl Pizzey, Amazon Filters’ Operations Director, said: “Contour Gas provides reliable and consistent filtration of the dirt particles in gases, with the flexibility to capture sizes from 0.3µm to 100µm and above.

“It is available in fine and coarse-graded density structures to match process requirements, the degree of distribution of the black powder, and the subsurface elements and compounds that are causing the contamination.

“We have engineered Contour Gas as a high-volume filtration solution for offshore natural gas pipelines, other gas-carrying transmission lines, supply tanks and gas processing plants - all essential areas where long service life and ease and speed of change-out is crucial.

“Contour Gas offers wide chemical compatibility with a choice of 100% polypropylene and nylon versions, double open-ended formats and two standard element sizes, 508mm (20”) and 1013mm (40”).

“Its flexibility means it can be used for new installations or as a direct retrofit for either core or coreless filters on existing housing designs affected by black powder.”   


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