Colombia grasps AI to accelerate Covid tracking

Jon Lawson
Covid hotspots in Soacha, Cundinamarca at the start of the trial

Colombia has successfully used adapted VOIQ AI voicebots to contact huge numbers of its Cundinamarca residents to identify Covid hotspots. In what is believed to be the largest exercise of its type, the human-like software used plain speech and even regional accents to harvest information from millions regarding pre-existing health conditions, likely infection risk and current and recent symptoms to divert likely pandemic victims to the next stage, with human interaction only coming then. 

“Colombia is a testament to how technology can help us improve our understanding of how Covid-19 spreads. With a population of 10 million, Cundinamarca is a trailblazer for leveraging the latest AI Voice technology to reach its citizens and enable fast and efficient detection,” observed Nicolás García Bustos, State Governor.

“We have cases of highly-concentrated regions with over a million inhabitants that will be in grave situations unless we deploy a massive outreach tool to trace this virus,” added Andrés González Díaz, former Governor and Ambassador to the Organisation of American States.

The Columbian data suggested the average response rate for an outreach campaign run by humans is 7%, but this AI campaign had an average response rate of 60%. It’s been so successful other countries are examining the model to see if it can be rolled out further. 


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