Coaxial terminators

Paul Boughton

Cal Test Electronics announces an upgrade to its 50Ω BNC Feed-Thru Terminator along with the introduction of two new models with impedances of 75Ω and 93Ω. The model CT2944, now designated CT2944-50, features an increased 2GHz bandwidth and an impedance tolerance of ±0.25 Ω. In addition, its accuracy is now 0.5%.

The CT2944's BNC female coaxial connector is gold plated for lower contact resistance and corrosion protection. Use the improved CT2944-50 to match a 50 Ω coaxial cable to a 1 MΩ oscilloscope, a 1 MΩ probe to a 50 Ω input instrument, or anywhere impedance matching is a must for measurement accuracy.

Along with the upgraded 50Ω version, the BNC Feed-Thru Terminator family now includes 75Ω and 93Ω models. The CT2944-75 and CT2944-93 are useful where cables of matching impedances are being used. This would include the popular RG59 and RG62 coaxial cables, respectively. The new models feature 1 GHz bandwidth and 1W average power rating along with the gold plated BNC female connector. Accuracy is also 0.5% for both.