Coating to tackle engineering challenges

Poeton Industries has recently launched Apticote 480A, a new composite coating that combines the properties of nickel and fluoropolymer materials into one problem-solving solution.

The treatment has been created in the Poeton R&D Laboratory led by Dr John Archer and builds on the success of existing nickel-polymer treatments. Apticote 480A has been designed to support engineers who are tasked with driving constant improvement and solving engineering challenges. Whether that be material wear and corrosion or to implement improved efficiencies, increased output or cost reduction, the new coating that can be used to tackle all of these challenges.

Apticote 480A can be applied to a variety of base materials and demonstrates superb properties, such as a coefficient of friction as low as 0.05. This is 90% lower than a standard heated treated electroless nickel coating and provides a host of benefits including reducing energy and torque requirements in both sliding and turning applications.

The coating also delivers excellent non-stick properties, making it the ideal choice in mould release applications in the food, medical and pharmaceutical production sectors. Using Apticote 480A ensures that the products can be removed easily from their moulds and less contaminants will remain in the mould, reducing clean-up costs and ultimately increasing production speeds.

The coating also excels in resisting the effects of adhesive wear, which causes surfaces to quickly damage and eventually resulting in parts seizing. Its low friction properties reduce adhesive wear by 85% when compared to standard heat treated electroless nickel. For engineers, this not only means a reduced chance of seizing but also allows for lowering the number of in-service inspections and less machine downtime.


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