Coated fasteners components for wind units

Paul Boughton

For years wind energy has been the poster child for sustainable energy generation. Now Eastern Europe is catching up: in Romania the largest onshore wind park in Europe is currently taking shape. The plant installed there incorporates fastening elements coated with micro-layer corrosion protection systems.
In the world of politics the energy transition is a resolved issue. However, complete implementation of the ambitious targets set is still a long way off. Offshore wind energy plants will play a major role in this - and it is precisely here that high-performance corrosion protection systems are required.
The coated fasteners installed here are amongst the most safety-relevant components of a wind energy unit. As a consequence, they need to be as maintenance-free as possible in order to achieve maximum possible energy efficiency. The fastener elements in the plants of well-known manufacturers therefore frequently utilise a system structure comprising the basecoat and the topcoat Delta-Tone Delta-Seal of Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH  & Co KG, Herdecke.
The company has already received various specifications for this system from well-known manufacturers of wind energy plants. This has also been confirmed by Germanischer Lloyd, which recently issued the certificate for the use on standard bolts in wind energy plants in the onshore and offshore fields. The high-strength fastening elements coated with this system, in particular those in the dimension range M24 to M48, have already been successfully employed in gondolas and rotor blade fastening for many years.
Optimal corrosion protection is also required for fasteners in the onshore field, too. Because the largest wind energy units of all are employed onshore. These may reach a height of up to 125 metres, with a rotor span of some 100 metres. The largest onshore wind park in Europe is currently under construction in Fantanele, Romania. The 240 2.5MW wind energy units incorporated there have a nominal output of 600MW. August Friedberg GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, supplies various fastener elements for the wind park, coated with Dörken MKS-Systemen products.
Alongside countries such as Latvia, Croatia and Switzerland, Romania has long been lagging in the field of wind energy in Europe. With the construction of the Fantanele wind park the country has advanced amongst the front runners.

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Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co KG is based in Herdecke, Germany.


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