Clone of Wireless environmental sensing kit

Paul Boughton

Cypress Semiconductor Corp’s CY3271-EXP1 Environmental Sensing Kit is the first of expansion offerings for the recently introduced PSoC First Touch Starter Kit with CyFi Low-Power RF. 

The Environmental Sensing Kit includes two boards - a weather station expansion board that includes sensors for atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature and ambient light (all of which can be operated and monitored simultaneously); along with a pigtail thermistor board for measuring temperature in remote locations.

The new kit is suitable for designers of systems such as HVAC system monitors, weather stations, and environmental sensor alarms.

The new sensing kit is easy to use right out of the box.  Designers use the ‘Sense and Control Dashboard’ software included in the new FirstTouch Starter Kit to quickly set-up and monitor a wired or wireless sensor network through the intuitive visual dashboard.

The combination of the Environmental Sensing Kit and the dashboard enable data logging, data aggregation, alarms, and sensor calibration for nearly any type of sensor. In addition, the kit supports custom expansion for designers who want to develop their own applications.

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