Click-in design for disposable infusion flow sensor

Paul Boughton

Sensirion is launching new and enhanced sensor solutions for measuring gas, liquid flow and differential pressure, the LD20-2000T.

With the goal of separating the core sensing element from other complex electronics, Sensirion has developed a two-piece, click-in design that improves the cost-efficiency of the solution while retaining high performance liquid flow measurement on a minimum footprint.

With the reduction of the disposable part to a bare minimum, this flow measurement solution is suitable for medical applications such as infusions, catheters, etc.

In these applications, flow rates and monitoring of failure modes are essential to patient safety and the quality of the therapy. The click-in connection between the disposable sensor element and reusable part offers a quick and easy solution for communication and mechanical integration of the sensor.

The click-in design illustrates the strength of Sensirion’s technology in providing small, cost-effective sensing solutions that offer high performance at low flow rates, typical for medical applications.

The use of intelligent, compact and cost-effective disposable liquid flow sensors will change the field of drug delivery from the ground up and enable solutions that are safer, more reliable and more mobile for care in hospital and at home. The Sensirion disposable liquid flow sensor empowers manufacturers of medical devices to innovate new solutions using ground-breaking technology.