Cleaning parts in one minute or less

Jon Lawson

Water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Torrent 500, a water-based industrial parts cleaning machine that can clean components within one minute.

The Torrent 500 is designed to quickly and effectively clean components and machine parts, suitable for use in industrial, automotive, aviation, construction, manufacturing and food processing sectors.

Many machinery components in industrial sectors accumulate grime in the standard course of operation, such as grease deposits on gear boxes or chemical residue on inspection tools. Traditionally, these deposits would have required vigorous scrubbing to remove, as well as the use of harsh solvents that create health and safety risks and can cause environmental damage.

The Torrent 500 eliminates the need for manual scrubbing and solvent solutions. The machine uses a high-pressure jet of water-based cleaning fluid to wet-blast the components, removing deposits and cleaning 90 percent of parts in as little as one minute. The internal tray of the machine can accommodate parts up to a maximum of 730x500x550mm.

“The solvents used in most parts cleaning systems create a number of problems for businesses in terms of both safety and productivity,” explained Csaba Kisari, Marketing Manager for the Parts Cleaning Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. “Not only are the solvents themselves harmful to engineers, but the fumes produced in the cleaning process also pose a health risk.

“In addition, many components must be soaked in solvents for extended periods of time before requiring manual scrubbing. This is a time-consuming and inefficient process, demanding the attention of the engineer as well as keeping machines out of operation for longer than is necessary.

“The Torrent 500 allows businesses to make the parts cleaning process quicker and safer for employees, as well as saving up to £500 each month. The machine’s enclosed unit and isolation glove box protects engineers from loose contaminants, while the high pressure water jet removes the need for scrubbing. This is in addition to the water-based solution, which is completely safe for human contact.”

Using a water-based cleaning fluid means that the Torrent 500 also offers environmental benefits to businesses. Run-off from solvent-based cleaners harms the environment due to its chemical composition, which can result in discharge fees for companies. The water-based solution is a green alternative that does not cause environmental damage and produces eight times less hazardous waste than traditional solutions.