Cleaning expo to feature bilingual tech forums

Louise Smyth

Lightweight construction, changing manufacturing and coating technologies, new materials and material combinations, the digitisation of production, electromobility and autonomous vehicles – these trends are putting pressure on manufacturers to clean parts and surfaces to ever higher standards.

“The solutions on offer from exhibitors at this year’s parts2clean are designed to not only meet current standards for the cleanliness of parts and components, but also even more stringent requirements coming up in the future – and that with consistently reliable results, and at affordable cost,” remarked Olaf Daebler, Global Director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. 

But the products and services showcased by exhibitors are not the only reason parts2clean is a must for cleaning technology users from every branch of industry; the show’s supporting program also offers a wealth of know-how and added value. Among the supporting events are the information-rich, bilingual Industry Forum and the associated innovations as well as a special presentation on process flow in parts cleaning, including cleanliness checks, one on QSRein 4.0 and another on the role of automation in parts cleaning.




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