Cleaner energy for cricket club

Jon Lawson

Nissan has been celebrating the countdown to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 by bringing its xStorage Home energy storage system to fans at a small cricket club, Beddington CC in South London.

It will provide an environmentally friendly and more grid-independent way of generating and storing energy while saving hundreds of pounds each year on its energy bills.

Part of Nissan’s vision to make electric vehicles even more useful to customers, Nissan Energy Solar and xStorage Home creates an ‘ecosystem’ around electric mobility, finding new ways to generate and store clean energy to support the company’s mission of moving people to a better world.

Kalyana Sivagnanam, Managing Director at Nissan Motor (GB) said: “Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility (NIM) strategy puts it at the forefront of research into how batteries from electric vehicles can be used in ‘second life’ applications. The installation at Beddington CC gives us the opportunity to bring cleaner energy management to a community and save the club money on their future energy bills. We are always looking to demonstrate the diverse ways in which our battery technology can benefit homes, communities and businesses and this latest installation breaks new boundaries.”

The xStorage battery will increase the efficiency of solar panels on the club’s pavilion by storing the energy they generate for use later, and reducing the club’s reliance on expensive energy supplied at peak times by the grid.

Phil Tufnell, former England international cricketer and Nissan cricket ambassador, helped launch the newly installed technology at the club.



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