Circular saw with automation potential

Jon Lawson

Whether in press shops or forging plants, at manufacturers of fittings or electrical parts, at steel stockholders or automotive industry suppliers: In countless industries, there is a demand for sawing solutions that combine high cutting performance with efficiency and precision.

With its KASTOspeed range of products, the sawing specialist KASTO has just such a solution in its portfolio: The high-performance automatic circular saws have been specially designed for economic series production. By means of the KASTOsort robot interface they can easily be integrated in a controlled, end-to-end material flow.

KASTOspeed is available in two variants, for sawing steel or non-ferrous metals. Furthermore, users can choose between two sizes, with a cutting range of 90 or 153 millimetres (for round materials). The automatic circular saws help minimise cycle times and make it possible to produce millions of high precision cut parts every year when operated for two or three shifts per day. Thanks to its outstanding reliability and precision in continuous operation, KASTOspeed is one of the most frequently purchased high-volume circular saws in the world.

Depending on the ease of machining of the material and the production requirements, HSS full steel or disposable carbide saw blades are used on the KASTOspeed. The right cutting speed can be selected for each job. The optimum positioning of the saw drive and the four-point workpiece clamping arrangement enable an extremely short saw stroke. The robust machine construction with helical gearbox, combined with a hydraulically damped measuring stop and a bar pusher that can be moved rapidly into position, permits accurate cutting and very high output.

What is more, the KASTOspeed offers many different ways of improving efficiency. The KASTOsort robot interface makes it possible to automate upstream and downstream production processes and integrate these in a controlled, end-to-end material flow that includes the sawing operation itself. Industrial robots are able to remove the cut parts automatically and accomplish numerous other tasks, from deburring and chamfering, through centring, tapping, marking and printing and on to sorting, stacking and picking. This robot-saw solution can be further integrated with a container management or driverless transport system.

Depending on the customer's requirements, KASTO integrates the robot controller into the saw controller, its own KASTOlogic Warehouse Management System or an existing ERP system. As a result, the user can control and monitor all the processes over a single interface and benefits from a perfectly harmonised process chain. A number of different magazine variants are available to allow large quantities of raw material to be stored upstream of the machine. This means that companies can run the system fully unattended even for long periods when required.