Circuit Design, Inc

Leading supplier of low power radio products

Circuit Design, Inc. headquarters based in Japan has been designing and manufacturing low power radio products for industrial applications for more than 40 years. Secure industrial applications always require high reliability and in particular any wireless radio equipment has to provide secure reliable and stable operation to be used in such applications. Circuit Design, Inc. is the one of the companies who has long term customers in the construction and forestry industry where severe criteria have to be met.

Circuit Design, Inc. specializes in the licence free market and provides the products operating in the ISM band.Carrying FCC, IC, ARIB and CE certification are another benefit for the customers as they are able to integrate the module / modem into their systems without need for additional radio approval.

Thanks to their long communication range,Circuit Design products have been chosen for agricultural industry as well.Even in areas where access to a power supply is difficult, the customer’s system can operate satisfactorily using solar powered batteries.

Circuit Design products have been installed in various fields, including the construction, forestry, agricultural, security and service industries etc.

Circuit Design, Inc has also been offering wireless analog audio modules. The 15ch multi channel audio modules which operate in the European harmonized 863 – 865 MHz band are used in various audio / voice transmission applications such as tour guide systems, but also there are very unique measuring applications involving noise and tone.

Circuit Design has been providing quality goods and services. All modules / modems have been thoroughly designed and manufactured in Japan, and now Circuit Design products are used by customers in over 30 countries globally. Circuit Design’s quality systems is certified byISO9001.



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