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Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Chromatotec® is advancing in niche markets with its specialised gas analysis systems.

With environmental regulations dictating the world of gas analysis, chromatography continues to play a significant role in the identification and quantification of pollutants in the environment. Globally recognised for its advanced technology, it’s a field where French-based Chromatotec is advancing. An alliance of three specialist companies - Chromato-Sud, airmotec and Medor – Chromatotec® deploys his solution worldwide on well identified markets - ambient,industrial process and Oil & Gas - with its sensitive on line automatic gas chromatographs analyzers (autoGC). The company has acquired a huge expertise over years in gas analysis and is now contacted over the world to meet specific challenges on gas monitoring tracking every day lower and lower concentration(ppb-ppt) with speciation of VOCs, Sulfurs and odorants.

A complete range for gas analysis
Initially a manufacturer of autoGC analyzers,Chromatotec® is now providing turnkey solution including all the analytical chain, from the sampling to the analyzer. The analyzers can pilot some process as odorants injection in natural gas.

Chromatotec®’s analyzers with embedded computers, automatic data validation and own-developed software are designed and manufactured exclusively in France. These solutions are deployed across the world, notably in China and the intensely competitive North American market. As example autoGC MEDORsused for odorants monitoring (H2S, mercaptans and total sulfurs) monitor up to21 Bcf/d NG (6000 Million Cubic Meters) for a total Gas consumption per day estimated at 76.7Bcf/d.

Chromatotec® main GC 866 product lines are:

  • MEDOR®: analysis of sulfur compounds in natural gas (gas company), in process (detection impurities) or  ambient air (waste water plant market)

  • AIRMO line: analysis of VOC / BTEX in ambient air (ppb, ppt, ppm) or Sulfurs (at ppb or ppt levels)

  • CHROMA line: analysis of impurities (Sulfurs, VOCs, permanent gases) in pure gases or in industrial air (from ppb to % levels).

  • Odor monitoring solutions: specific solutions for odor monitoring at very low concentration levels, as sensitive as the human nose for most of the molecules responsible of bad smell. Dedicated solutions are provided to monitor odor impact on neighbourhood.  

  • DET product range: specific detectors to complete portfolio of Chromatotec GCs solutions.

  • Oil and gas market: Complete speciation of sulfur compounds in hazardous area using Ex d certified solution

Chromatotec® has developed and manufactured a new version of MEDOR®,designed to work in hazardous areas such as ATEX zone 1. This MEDOR® Ex d solution is one of the only instruments capable to measures with speciation all sulfur compounds generally present in the natural gas: H2S/DMS/DMDS/Mercaptans,in hazardous area without purge gas thanks to the MEDOR® wet cell detector. MEDOR® offers big advantages by using only air or nitrogen without any hydrogen use. It integrates internal calibration for data validation offering second advantage for results reliability and easy diagnosis of solution by remote access.

Air: Monitoring of 120 VOCs on site without risk of contamination
The airmoSCANXPERT was designed for the continuous monitoring of more than 120 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with auto GC 866 FID/MS. This system is totally designed for automatic online monitoring in fixed or mobile station. It can be easily implemented on site. This plug and play solution includes a calibration system based on the principle of permeation tubes. This allows an automatic validation of data directly on site without human intervention.

It is used to track VOCs on hostile industrial areas where classical analytical solutions may have signal saturation or difficulties of separation due to complex molecules cocktail as around petrochemical or refineries areas.This solution is complementary to airmOzone analyzers used for ozone precursors monitoring. It can be deployed to track impurities on process as on clean air room application.  


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