The changing environment of offshore inspection

News Editor

An expert in offshore digital video recording and inspection systems, Digital Edge Subsea, has been busy adapting to the changing environment of offshore inspection. The company has taken on additional developers and work on a number of collaborations with clients to experiment on the best way to collect data remotely. The work is focused on how to send the collected data onshore in the most effective way, which allows inspectors to remotely access offshore digital video recorders (DVRs) or even have the DVR onshore with the inspectors. One of the benefits of this is that there is a reduced number of operators on the vessel.

Meanwhile, other team members have been adapting and improving the software and they now offer an Archive application. This facilitates data collection onto external storage from the DVR. It still allows for the continuity of the ongoing project, while clearing down the large media files from the internal DVR storage. And it retains the logs and project history for review and continuation.

The latest build of the DVR software adds the ability to merge existing projects from the same DVR, or projects recorded on multiple DVRs, to create a single client deliverable. This will create improvements for the workflow for all of the firm’s clients offshore.

Digital Edge has also created new hardware to add to its range. Its new laptop offers full 4K or four-channel HD recording and only requires a small physical footprint offshore compared with a traditional 4U rack-mounted DVR. There is another portable option in the form of a multi-screen workstation DVR. Again, it has the same capabilities as the 4U rack-mounted system but with three 17in integrated monitors. The screens fold out from the main unit to create a compact system capable of displaying sonar, ROV topside and DVR displays.

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