Chains for corrosive environments

Paul Boughton

Tsubaki has developed a range of chains and associated sprockets for use in the harshest industrial environments.

The demands made of chain-drive systems in today's world can be extremely tough and the working environment can be just as hard. 

Applications, which are exposed to frequent washdowns, harsh weather conditions or involve a chain being submerged in water, require a superior level of corrosion resistance built into the drive chain to ensure continued reliable service.

It manufactures three series of stainless steel chain – the SS, AS and NS chain – which are resistant to corrosion, chemical attack and extreme heat. They find many applications in food and pharmaceutical manufacture and can even be used inside furnaces. They are also popular for packaging machinery and in semiconductor and electrical equipment production, where clean operation is required.

Complementing these are hybrid chain designs, which combine stainless steel and engineering plastic parts with a long lubrication-free working life, designated Polysteel Chain, Polysteel SY Series and LSC Series. These are all much favoured in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, in printing, papermaking and other applications where clean operation is essential. Their quiet operation also makes them ideal in office equipment.

For applications in the steel and non-ferrous industries, materials handling, outdoor installations and carwashes, Tsubaki makes a range of steel chains with special coatings to withstand the prevailing environmental conditions and tough working requirements. These are designated the NP and NEP Series and are among the most popular across a wider range of users.

For those applications that almost defy classification, Tsubaki also makes, to order, TI (Titanium) and KT (Cold Resistant) series chains in special materials and designed for the rigours of the task in hand. Industries that have benefited from this service include battery manufacture, chemical cleaning, freezer and extreme cold weather applications, and processes using the harshest materials including contact with strong acids or alkalis.