Ceramic insulators for industrial oil and gas burner igniters

Paul Boughton

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced a new capability to manufacture ceramic insulators for industrial oil and gas burner igniters.

These insulators can also be used for a range of other industrial applications such as fuses, precision electrical resistors and cartridge heaters.

Morgan offers a number of custom material formulations and blends that are well suited for industrial igniters, including glazed and unglazed alumina and steatite. They can be produced with outer dimensions ranging from 1.27mm to 95mm, and inner dimensions as small as 0.5mm.

“Our unique production methods allow for small diameters with extremely tight tolerances, even with ‘as-fired‘ rods and tubes”, said Gary Caprio of Morgan Advanced Materials. “Our significant innovations make these insulators ideal for use in smaller igniters designed for compact and space-efficient final products, including small furnaces, burners, and even grills and kitchen ovens”.

The igniters are available in lengths up to 300mm, and all the parts have counter bores and keyhole features. The company also offers automated high-volume glazing capabilities, barrel cutters, and drill press capabilities, along with a larger extruder that can manufacture rods with an outer dimension of up to 38mm and tubes with outer dimensions of up to 63mm.

In addition to a wide range of size options, Morgan’s automated manufacturing capabilities and in-house processing facilities speed up production time resulting in shorter lead times for this new line of products.  

For more information, visit www.morganadvancedmaterials.com

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