Ceiling lamps in metal housings

Paul Boughton

Featuring fluorescent lamps in metal housings, R STAHL’s series of ECOLUX ceiling light fittings comprises a range of types to provide tailor-made solutions for general lighting or emergency lighting purposes (fed by group battery or central supply) in rough environments.

The versatile line-up includes different models for deployment in zone 1/21 (series 6010) and zone 2/22 (series 6610) hazardous areas as well as for general industrial use (series L610).

Enclosures are available with or without powder coating either in sheet steel, stainless steel 304 or 316. The latter are extremely corrosion-resistant and suitable for highly aggressive atmospheres, eg in maritime environments.

The cover of the luminaires consists of robust, impact-resistant polycarbonate. Because the ballast unit and lamp holder are mounted on the reflector sheet, which can be exchanged without tools, installation and maintenance are especially easy.

With a weight of only 8.5kg, the compact, cost-efficient ECOLUX luminaires are also significantly lighter than other ceiling lights in metal housings – a notable advantage, eg aboard ships.

In addition to ATEX, IEC Ex and related regional certificates, GL certificates for maritime environments are available upon request.

ECOLUX luminaires provide IP65 ingress protection and can be deployed in low-temperature environments down to -20°C as well as in very hot conditions with ambient temperatures up to +60°C. 2 x 18W or 2 x 36W versions are available. R. STAHL optionally supplies ECOLUX luminaires with through-wiring and 6 mm² terminals.