CCTV cameras for hazardous areas

Engineer Live News Desk

Power management company Eaton has today announced the launch of a pioneering range of GRP cameras for use in hazardous area communications. Corrosion-free and much lighter in weight than their metal counterparts, the new GRP cameras offer end-users significant improvements in lifetime performance, as well as reduced transportation, operating and maintenance costs.

The cameras are ideally suited to remote monitoring of process and security activities in harsh environmental conditions or explosive atmospheres. Their Ex rating, light weight and durability make

Eaton GRP Cameras an excellent choice for offshore and onshore hazardous area installations, pipelines and processing plants: typically within the oil & gas, chemical and waste treatment industries. The cameras are also ideal in grain handling and marine environments such as sea ports, specialist ships and windfarms.

Commenting on the launch Brian Taylor, Product Manager, explains: “No other camera manufacturer has launched an Ex camera product in composite material, so Eaton is once again leading the way. The use of GRP to replace 316 stainless steel or aluminium may seem like a radical move, but Eaton has developed its own, high-grade GRP specifically for use in hazardous area applications, which has been used as the housing material for over 25 years on our Ex range of MEDC sounders, beacons and speakers. Its proven performance in the field means we know that the new GRP cameras will really deliver in terms of durability and reliability, offering Eaton customers compact camera stations with significant weight and performance benefits.”