Case Study: Hybrid Mobile Crushers

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Servo drives selected for new hybrid mobile crushers

Austrian company Rubble Master is using Combivert F6 servo drives from KEB Automation on its latest hybrid range of mobile crushers. The servo drives were selected due to their compactness, robustness, high efficiency and integrated safety functionality.

Rubble Master is a leader in the design and manufacture of mobile crushers and screeners used in the mineral processing, aggregates and material recycling industries. The company is using the Combivert F6 servo drive to control a three-phase asynchronous motor on its new 120GO series of hybrid crushers. The requirements were that the servo drives should be robust, small, while at the same time being powerful and highly efficient. The 120GO hybrid crushers weigh in at 15 to 40 tonnes and rely on the Combivert F6 size 7 version with an output of up to 200kW.

Standard-Setting Crushers

“We set standards in the electrification of mobile crushers and screeners and we’re going to do the same with hybrid systems. KEB is the right partner for this,” explains Markus Gaggl, chief technology officer at Rubble Master.

In combination with the three-phase asynchronous motors, the result is the ideal combination for Rubble Master. “By working with KEB, our customers benefit from lower service costs, for example, as an electric drive is significantly more efficient and less susceptible than hydraulic offerings from competitors,” says Gaggl.

Compact And Water-Cooled

When developing its new hybrid series of mobile crushers, Rubble Master had challenges with finding a suitable servo drive that was small enough and that could be water-cooled as the machines work in harsh, dirty environments.

As Jeffrey Ton, head of powertrain and controls at Rubble Master explains: “KEB had the perfect solution. For us, the important thing is that we can have it sensorless as well as having some safety features that are beneficial for our machine. Also, it’s [the F6] a bit smaller, which for us is the next step forward.

“Building a prototype is always a bit of learning process. Of course, we had some problems initially, but KEB was immediately there to help out. Together, we built a separate prototype to do some simulation and that solved our problems. Now we have the servo drive and the other components such as the electric motor in our machine.”

The Combivert F6 is a range of high performance single-axis drive controllers that are extremely compact, energy efficient and flexible for a wide variety of control applications in automated, safety-oriented machines. The drives provide optimal motor control in real time, as well as integrated safety functionality. The drives are available in seven different enclosure sizes and power ranges from 4kW up to 400kW. They are air- or liquid-cooled and can be customised with a variety of design options to suit the specific application. Safety functionality can be selected in modules to suit the requirements of the machine.

Reduced Power Losses

Compared to its predecessor, the F6 is much more compact, which helps reduce the space needed in control cabinets by up to 76%. In addition, the innovative power stage design of reduces power losses by up to 50% which means KEB’s customers can design machines that are more compact, lighter and more cost effective with integral safety functionality.