Capturing blur free images from ultra high speed events

Paul Boughton

The new generation SIR3 Series compact range camera from Specialised Imaging is lightweight and robust making it suited for the harsh indoor and outdoor environments associated with ballistic proofing ground and industrial use.

Keith Taylor, Technical Director commented: "When capturing images of really high speed events with tight field of view you really need a camera that can take a picture within nanoseconds of the trigger. In addition to capture images with minimal blur you require a camera able to capture and record data with nanosecond exposure times. This is not possible even with the highest speed video camera."

Proven in applications including ballistics, detonics, impact studies, crack propagation research and spray particle analysis the SIR3 sets a new benchmark in terms of blur-free data quality, ultimate resolution, high sensitivity and precise timing accuracy.

Able to capture 11-million pixel images the SIR3 provides more detail than any other high-speed camera in its class. The SIR3 extends range testing capabilities further with its unique ability to acquire two separate full resolution images enabling valuable displacement and velocity information to be determined in ballistic, detonic and impact studies.

The rigid all-metal IP54 compliant construction of the compact SIR3 makes it suited to withstand even harsh industrial and defence research environments.

A high speed 1Gbps Ethernet link enables the SIR3 to be easily integrated into almost any imaging environment. Comprehensive operational software provides simple control of imaging parameters and extensive measurement tools to accurately analyse results. Image archiving in a wide range of industry standard file formats is supported. For situations where more complex measurements are required, several SIR3 cameras can be operated from a single control computer with timings for all camera linked to the same control screen.

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