Capacitor discharge resistor is quick and easy to mount

Paul Boughton

ARCOL Resistors’ RW Discharge Resistor is a wire-wound resistor designed for quick and easy mounting on to capacitors and is typically used as a discharge or balancing resistor.

Discharge resistors are routinely connected across large value output capacitors found in electrical and electronic equipment which may store dangerous levels of energy after the equipment has been turned off. Providing a safe discharge avoids any hazardous conditions when connecting other equipment or during service or repair. Balancing resistors are used when a number of capacitors are connected in series to ensure voltages across any individual capacitor does not exceed its maximum rating.

The ARCOL RW discharge resistor provides simple to fit screw mounting, is rated up to 22 watts, has a wide operating temperature range and is RoHS compliant. Three power ratings are available 10W, with ohmic value range of 1-15kΩ, 13W with values from 1-2kΩ and 22W from 1-33kΩ.

Key specifications include operating temperature -55°C to +200°C, overload/over-voltage 10 times rated power for 5 seconds, de-rating 80°C to 175°C linearly, tolerance (code) ± 1% (F), ± 5% (J), temperature coefficient 30ppm & 100ppm/°C as standard.