On-board battery chargers, inverters and DC/DC converters for up to 450 locomotives

Paul Boughton

AEG Power Solutions has been chosen by Bombardier Transportation to supply on-board battery chargers, inverters and DC/DC converters for electric locomotives ordered by Deutsche Bahn.

Bombardier has won a framework contract from Deutsche Bahn for up to 450 locomotives to be delivered by 2023. The manufacturing of the 130 locomotives which were called off first started in 2014. The serial production will ramp up in 2015. The ordered locomotives are of Bombardier’s existing BOMBARDIER TRAXX platform.

For this project, AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) developed a new customised solution specifically for Bombardier, based around its existing battery chargers, inverters and DC/DC converters. One solution includes three modules each providing 20A. Redundancy and in-built battery management guarantee continued operation after the first internal failure, therefore ensuring the highest levels of reliability.

Electric locomotives are a challenging environment for on-board battery chargers, converters and inverters, with a wide ambient temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, harsh conditions in terms of shock and vibration, and extremely wide input voltage and frequency ranges. AEG PS ensures that its components are manufactured with premium, high-grade components to withstand these challenges and deliver excellent reliability.

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