Blind rivet nut studs with coarse threads

Paul Boughton

GESIPA’s blind rivet nut studs with coarse threads create the basis for fast and easy assembly processes with the benefit of being able to be used again and again.

Industrial large-scale production requires short process cycles and a high level of efficiency. For fast and easy assembly of plastic parts without tooling equipment, the industry uses special threads in fir-tree form for fixing. This technique - fir-tree clip assembly - has the added protection of stopping turning and the benefit of repeatable use.

The blind rivet nuts studs with coarse thread have the advantages of an easy and fast assembly by one-way access to the position, no thermal influences to the parts as well as no emission of heat and welding gas released into the environment. This means that there is no rework operation required after the setting of the special fastener. The GESIPA fastener is also a suitable solution if repair is needed because the applied part is surface finished.

The studs can be set with the established GESIPA tools for blind rivet nuts and studs using a conversion kit making this system very flexible and efficient.

Typical applications in the automotive sector are the fixing of plastic nuts, plastic cable holder or holder for pipes, hoses and wires, the automotive carpet and small or light assembly parts like the fuse box.

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