Bi-directional flow sensor

Paul Boughton

The MFC2030 Bi-Directional Flow Sensor, from MEMSIC Inc, is for a wide range of applications, such as analytical instruments, anesthesia and other medical flow devices, process control, and natural gas measurement.

MEMSIC Inc. utilises its MEMS thermal accelerometer platform as the flow sensing element.

In addition to low power consumption, a MEMS suspended-bridge microstructure enables a highly sensitive flow measurement. This is due to the low thermal mass and conductivity of the bridge structure, which results in gas flow becoming the primary means to transfer heat via convection from the heater to the thermopiles.

This effective and rugged structure, when coupled with advanced CMOS circuitry and a 16-bit on-chip A/D, provides an exceptionally wide flow dynamic range, which is critical for a wide range of precision industrial, consumer and medical applications.