Battery-free sensor tags

Paul Boughton

Farsens has developed wireless sensor devices that can be used without the need of batteries on the sensors. These battery-free sensor tags are based on UHF RFID technology and are able to continuously monitor and transmit data, together with the 96-bit EPC unique tag identifier, to any EPC Gen 2 standard compliant reader.
The Full Battery Free Sensor kits come with their wireless battery free sensor tags of choice plus a commercial UHF RFID reader, a reader antenna, reader power supply and Ethernet cable to connect to your PC or laptop. The kit also comes with a software program that displays the sensor tag data on your computer. Tags in these kits come in non-protected PCB formats for custom encapsulation or embedding in non-metallic assets/materials.

There are four sensor options for the Basic and Regular choices:

*Battery Free Temperature Sensor (BFTS) – any kit focused on temperature monitoring includes FENIX wireless battery-less temperature sensor tags.

* Battery Free Pressure Sensor (BFPS) – pressure monitoring kits include VORTEX wireless battery-less pressure sensor tags.

* Battery Free Orientation Sensor (BFOS) – when the users need a kit to monitor spatial orientation of assets KINEO wireless battery free sensor tags are shipped.

* Battery Free Switch Sensor (BFSS) – any kit desired to monitor the open/close status of a mechanical switch is shipped with X1 wireless battery free switches.

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