Ball valve meets toughest requirements

Paul Boughton

Extreme operating conditions with temperatures up to 450°C and pressures up to 420 bar require special sealing technology in ball valves. Standard Soft Seated Ball Valves simply aren't ready for this kind of requirements. Their plastic seals would fail. Metal Seated Ball Valves do not have this problem. Now, AS-Schneider is entering this Metal Seated Ball Valve arena with the new KM Series.

When developing the new KM Series AS-Schneider used the latest surface and material knowledge combined with comprehensive engineering know-how. The result is a ball valve with zero leakage even under extreme operating conditions with respect to working pressure and temperature – even though a smooth operation is provided.

This is possible thanks to the 'Dissolution' Ball Valve Design registered for patent protection. The  design offers an optimum distribution of forces and loads, so they are only present where they are really needed.

The AS-Schneider KM Series meets the toughest endurance and tightness requirements. In parallel with the TA-Luft approval, the KM Series has also been subjected to type testing for fire safety in compliance with DIN EN ISO 10497 and API 607. This has been tested and certified by TÜV Süd.

High pressures of 420 bar (ASME Class 2,500) and a temperature spectrum from -29 °C to 450 °C form the basis for successful use in the field – even under extreme or very special conditions.

With a double sealing system and the integral lantern ring, even the smallest leaks can be detected quickly, and leaks to atmosphere are nearly impossible.

Features include:

• Even non-wetted parts are made of 316 stainless steel for operation in corrosive environments
• Seat and ball surfaces coated with Hardalloy and carbide compounds.
• 'Dissolution' Ball Valve Design and novel axial bearing washer integrated into the stem – for smooth operation (even at high working pressures).
• Double sealing system in fugitive emission bonnet consisting of premium-quality graphite sealing rings.
• Oval handle can be dismounted during operation.
• Pressure class: PN 420 / Class 2,500.
• Working temperature: -29°C to 450°C.

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