Back up solutions ensure consistent energy supply in Indonesia

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Energy systems specialist Aprovis tests back up solutions to help meet high demand in Indonesia.

Even though the installed capacity of power plants has significantly increased in recent years, the power grid in Indonesia operated by the state-owned Indonesian electricity provider PLN often faces regular blackouts caused by technical errors in the non-redundant transformer stations and power lines.

All essential businesses in Indonesia have a crucial demand for power backup systems to continue their services and protect the equipment. This is particularly true of the data-centre sector as well as industries with sensitive processes and machinery such as smelters that are investing in mostly diesel operated backup plants.

Although based in Germany, Aprovis Energy Systems has over ten years presence in Southeast Asia directly supporting project execution, commissioning, site testing and after sales.

Back up solution

Diesel and alternative fuel engines pecialist Cummins recently provided a containerised backup solution for a copper smelter in Jawa and installed it in 7 x 2.4 MW packages.

Such backup-engines with operational time below 200 hours/year fall under the clean air act regulations in Indonesia which limit carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other emissions. To obtain a yearly renewal permission, the operator has to prove compliance with the emission regulations, and so Aprovis provided the full emission control line packaged and tested together with the engines in Jakarta before being installed at site.

Selective catalytic reactor

The selective catalytic reactor (SCR)in combination with the oxidation catalytic converter effectively limits the NOx emissions and the CO-emissions while the ammonia slip is maintained as low as the

required threshold of 5mg/Nm. The combination with the set of primary and secondary silencer is designed as one exhaust gas line with an optimised footprint to allow the compact integration on the container enclosure. The provision of a pre-manufactured exhaust gas package helps comply with tight requirements regarding space and installation time.

Several projects have been initiated to cope with the increasing electricity demand in Indonesia and Aprovis is committed to supporting its partners with various diesel engine models to help bridge the gap between energy supply and demand in this fast developing country.

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