Automotive sensors feature chemically resistant wires

Paul Boughton

Morgan Advanced Materials has introduced a versatile new range of high-specification sensors specifically developed to meet the exacting requirements of the global automotive sector.

Designed for high-volume manufacture, the new sensors can measure levels from as low as 5mm to more than 250mm within fractions of a millimetre, making them ideal for fuel tank gauging, oil level detection, gearbox oil measurement and a host of other applications.

They combine state-of-the-art engineering and materials technology with highly chemically resistant wires in a unit with no moving parts, guaranteeing long service life and unrivalled accuracy.

With strong tilt resistance, angular directivity and vibration resistance, they are equally suitable for use in cars, commercial vehicles and even off-road vehicles.

Customised models are available to cope with greater depths, complex fuel tanks and high-pressure oil environments.