Automation delivers compliance

Louise Davis

Stay compliant with automated industrial wastewater treatment systems.

For industrial facilities, complying with EPA and local wastewater regulation has become much easier with more fully automated wastewater treatment systems from Sabo Industrial, a New York, USA-based manufacturer, distributor and integrator of industrial waste treatment equipment and solutions, including batch and fully automated systems, Cleartreat separating agents, bag filters and accessories. These systems not only reliably meet regulatory wastewater requirements, but also reduce the cost of treatment, labour and disposal when the proper Cleartreat separating agents are also used.

In contrast to labour-intensive, multiple step processes, automated wastewater treatment can help to streamline production, usually with a one-step process, while lowering costs at industrial facilities.

An automated wastewater treatment system can eliminate the need to monitor equipment in person while complying with EPA and locally mandated requirements. Such automated systems separate suspended solids, emulsified oil and heavy metals, and encapsulate the contaminants, producing an easily de-waterable sludge in minutes. The water is typically then separated using a de-watering table or bag filters before it is discharged into sewer systems or further filtered for re-use as process water. Other options for de-watering include using a filter press or rotary drum vacuum. The resulting solids are non-leachable and are considered non-hazardous, so will pass all required testing.

These systems are available as manual batch processors, semi-automatic, or automatic, and can be designed as a closed loop system for water reuse or provide a legally dischargeable effluent suitable for the sewer system. A new, fully customised system is not always required. In many cases, it can be faster and more cost effective to add to or modify an industrial facility’s current wastewater treatment system when this is feasible.

Separating agents

Because of the importance of separating agents for wastewater treatment, Sabo Industrial uses a special type of bentonite clay in a line of wastewater treatment chemicals called ClearTreat. This line of wastewater treatment chemicals is formulated to break oil and water emulsion, provide heavy metals removal, and promote flocculation, agglomeration and suspended solids removal.

Today’s automated systems along with the most effective Cleartreat separating agents can provide manufacturers with an easy, cost-effective alternative so they remain compliant with local ordinances and the EPA. These systems do not require much attention and can be far more economical than paying fines or hauling.

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