Automatic self cleaning strainers for liquid products

Jon Lawson

As a leader in decorative printing inks for beverage cans, Inx International relies on Russell Finex automatic liquid strainers to achieve significant productivity gains and prevent machinery failures further down the process line.

After a series of problems during the production of their liquid ink mix, Inx International identified that metallic contamination from the manufacturing process was entering the process stream.

With the imminent risk of the contamination damaging expensive machinery, the company recognised that installing a permanent filtration system could play a vital role in protecting equipment.

With meeting these objectives in mind, the plant employs a fleet of six Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filters to filter the liquid ink mix with a 200 micron screen, to remove metallic particles and other foreign contamination.

Not only has the installation of these new self cleaning strainers improved product quality and reduced waste, they have also enabled Inx International to operate leaner through improved productivity.

The Russell Eco Filter is an automatic self-cleaning strainer that integrates directly into an existing pipeline and is a sought-after alternative to messy and potentially hazardous bag filters.

The machine construction and design is operator friendly, enabling it to be easily dismantled and cleaned during colour changes with minimal disruption to production.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter is available in a range of sizes to suit different flow rates.

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