Automated testing of embedded software

Paul Boughton

The new version 3.0.22 of TESSY, the tool for automated unit/module/integration testing of embedded software, supports now microcontrollers of the Belgian chip manufacturer Melexis.

Tessy can use the development environment Mlx16 from Melexis and hence all microcontrollers for which software can be developed using this environment are supported by TESSY. These are microcontrollers with the cores Mlx-16, Mlx16-8, Mlx16-x8 and Mlx-FX. Such microcontrollers handle for instance the LIN bus protocol or control brushless electric motors.

Using TESSY automated tests can be executed either in a simulation of the microcontroller on the Windows host or directly on the actual hardware of the microcontroller.

TESSY uses the gcc-based compiler from Melexis to compile and link the test application which was generated by TESSY automatically. Tessy loads the test application automatically in the simulator/emulator of Melexis and then executes the tests.

TESSY provides all its usual functionality also for the microcontrollers of Melexis. This comprises for instance measurement of the code coverage, software integration testing, automatic test report generation or the traceability of requirements to test cases.

Furthermore, Tessy is able to create a special test application with built-in test data, which the user then can load via the interactive debugger Mlx16 from Melexis in the microcontroller in question, either on the actual hardware or in a software simulation of the microcontroller. This allows easy investigation of the reason of a failed test case.

For the test of safety-critical applications it is advantageous that TESSY is already qualified to be used in safety-related software development according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

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