Automated robots launched

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New from Raruk Automation is a series of automated transportation robots (AMR) whose flexibility is greatly extended by the inclusion of a collaborative robot arm.  The new ER-FLEX robots, designed and manufactured by Enabled Robotics, are ideal for addressing labour shortages and automating repetitive tasks and are really easy to programme.  They are fully autonomous, don’t need to run on tracks and can even operate lights out.

The 3-model range is optimised for space, flexibility and carrying capacity. Designed for smaller loads up to 29kg, the ER-FLEX 100-5e has a daily running time of 17.5 hours with optimised charging. Next in line is the ER-FLEX 250 – 10e which extends the running time to 20 hours and can carry larger loads up to 186kg. Top of the range is the ER-FLEX 250 ESD – 16e which is specifically designed for the safe handling of electronic components.

All models are based on either a MiR 100 or MiR 250 AMR platform onto which is mounted a low (standard) or high module.  The Universal Robot 6-axis collaborative arm can be specified in three sizes – UR16e, UR10e and UR5e - dependent on the payload. Customisation is further enhanced by a choice of end-of-arm tooling and accessories; robot grippers, tool changer options and integrated vision in addition to cobot cable guides and MiR charging stations.

With just one drag and drop interface, set-up and programming is swift and uncomplicated. Pre-programmed commands and customisable commands contribute to the robots’ ease of use.  And as the interface is web-based, the robot can be integrated into the factory automation system and operated via a smartphone, tablet or PC.  Safety is ensured by a 360°sensing and scanning system and two, 3D cameras for obstacle detection.

The ER-FLEX enables around-the-clock, on-demand material and parts delivery which reduces the amount of inventory taking up precious production space.  The robot acquires information when materials are needed and takes the appropriate action, allowing the running of a lean inventory management system and optimum use of the production floor.

Flexible configuration and set-up means the ER-FLEX robots can be used for a very wide range of applications including machine tending, picking and packing, material handling, warehouse automation as well as sample collection & transportation and medical & pharmaceutical laboratory automation.

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