Automated cleaning of fibre optic connectors on PCBs

Jon Lawson

MicroCare Europe is bringing updates and enhancements to the Sticklers fibre optic cleaning products. CleanBlast-compatible HFE-based fibre cleaning fluid, from Viavi Solutions, is now packaged by the MicroCare and the Sticklers team.

The CleanBlast chemistry is the cleaning fluid used in the CleanBlast fibre optic cleaning system manufactured by Viavi Solutions. This system is engineered for the automated, high-speed cleaning of fibre end-faces. These systems are widely used around the world by electronics OEMs incorporating fibre optic connectors on their PCBs, plus other OEMs making fibre transceivers, patch cords and other quality fibre optic devices.

CleanBlast is 100% compatible with the Viavi CleanBlast machine. The fluid is packaged in the same industry-standard 225ml brown glass bottles and will exactly fit the Viavi CleanBlast fibre cleaning systems. The fluid itself is a non-flammable HFE blend which is the exact, drop-in replacement for the cleaning fluid provided with the Viavi Solutions CleanBlast systems; no adjustments to the machine will be required.