Asset integrity specialist awarded Shell contracts

Paul Boughton

Add Energy Asset and Integrity Management has secured two contracts with Shell. The company has been awarded a new contract with Shell Gabon to manage assets in the Gamba field in South Gabon and a contract for Shell Canada’s Albian Sands project. Add Energy has an established relationship with Shell having had a master framework agreement in place with the company since 2004. 

The new contract with Shell Gabon includes carrying out maintenance, integrity and execution (MIE) services for assets in the Gamba Field; a field in southern Gabon which was discovered 50 years ago and which has been producing since 1967.

Stig H. Christiansen, CEO of Add Energy comments, “These contracts are strong examples of repeat business with Shell, a relationship that has been developed and enhanced over many years. It allows us to prove our commitment to long-term partnerships and to consistently deliver on our quality goal. We are proud to continue to serve Shell in the area of asset integrity management in different countries and for different work scopes.”

Peter Adam, executive vice president of Add Energy says, “The new projects for Shell Gamba are critical to position assets to run as safely as possible and in alignment with the Shell global performance standards. We’re pleased to continue to work with Shell to help in lowering operational risk, improving performance and to help our client continue to achieve operational excellence.”

A further contract with Shell Canada’s Albian project involves the development of Bills of Materials (BoMs). The Athabasca Oil Sands project involves the mining of oil from Canada’s oil sands. Oil is separated from clay, sand and water before being converted into synthetic crude. Add Energy’s new contract is a natural continuation of the maintenance, integrity and execution services already supplied to Shell by adding on this mining operation and also the Scotford Upgrader – a facility at the Albian project which processes the crude bitumen from oil sands into a wide range of synthetic crude oils.

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