ARM-based DHCOM and picoITX gives more flexibility in embedded development

Paul Boughton

Based on the DHCOM (Computer On Modules) with SODIMM 200 form factor, DH electronics presents its new picoITX carrier board. Modular and with a very compact design, the embedded system is suitable for a range of industrial applications.

In addition to being cost-optimised, it also offers common standard interfaces as well as CAN and digital inputs and outputs.

A simple to use and flexible extension interface allows for easy incorporation of extras, such as a display with touch screen or an expansion board. This modular concept offers wide range of applications for the user.  To this end, DH electronics also offers the appropriate housing. This ensures rapid product development in many fields. The customer decides which DHCOM module is used.

In conclusion with the new DHCOM family concept, the DHCOM (Computer On Modules) are designed for the ultra-small form factor SODIMM 200. It allows one carrier board to accommodate the different series of DHCOM. The modules are available with ARM processors from Freescale or Texas Instruments.

Based on the application requirements, the customer can choose from the low power DHCOM with i.MX25x (Freescale) or AM35x (TI) processors till high speed processor i.MX6 (Freescale) with quad-core technology and up to 1.2 GHz clock rate. All key interfaces for industrial needs are available such as Ethernet, USB, CAN, SD/MMC, SPI, I2C, touch, audio, video, etc. For industrial use, an extended temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) is offered as well as long-term availability for at least 10 years.

On software side Linux or Windows Embedded is used. In 2014 the popular operating system Android will be provided too. DH electronics provides the Board Support Package (BSP) together with full customer support for software and hardware development.
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