Are solvent degreasers still needed?

Jon Lawson

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe, offers solvent degreasers for use on electrical, mechanical and electronic equipment as well as machinery and metal parts.

The range is especially useful for the heavy duty cleaning of electrical installations, where fast evaporation time minimises downtime and mitigates the risk of electrical fires caused by alternative water-based degreasers.

The range includes Lexite Extra Aerosol as well as Voltz, two types of solvent degreasers that provide powerful degreasing of grease and oil. Both products feature a high dielectric strength of over 25kV to eliminate short-circuiting on electrical and electronic equipment.

Lexite Extra Aerosol has been designed to clean grease and oil from electrical and electronic equipment such as circuit boards, TVs, radios, vending machines, CAD/CAM systems, computers, lab equipment and factory machinery controls.

Lexite Extra Aerosol has a fast evaporation speed. This means that after the degreaser has been used it will quickly evaporate leaving no residue behind. By using an aerosol, companies do not need to disassemble equipment, giving plant managers the ability to clean equipment and get it back up and running quickly.

To remove grease, oil, wax and asphalt from electrical and mechanical equipment, NCH Europe also offers Voltz, a powerful solvent degreaser with controlled evaporation so it stays on the surface for longer, meaning it can degrease highly soiled equipment effectively.

Voltz works on materials including glass, plastics and painted surfaces, concrete, stainless steel, copper and aluminium. It is useful for applications including automotive assembly, rolling stock, food processing equipment and textile machinery.

"Most plant engineers know that oil, grease, wax, and asphalt deposits that build up on parts can mix with dust or dirt and can lead to equipment breakdowns," explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform of NCH Europe. "By keeping on top of regular maintenance, engineers can prevent any problems getting worse and becoming a major problem which could shut down a production line.

“Although water-based degreasers are now more commonly used in industry, there are still applications where solvent based degreasers have to be used. Our solvent based degreasers are extremely powerful, meaning they keep the parts well maintained. They complement the water based degreasers in our range.”