Arc spray system has air cooled cables

Paul Boughton

Metallisation has launched its new ARC170AC-CL arc spray system, which has been specifically developed with air cooled cables to provide a lighter hand-held pistol.

The integrated supplies pack to the pistol uses air cooled cables, which reduces the amount of copper used and removes the need for a separate air hose. This has reduced the weight of the hand-held pistol, which offers significant benefits to thermal spray operators.  The new light weight pistol is more flexible and, combined with the ability to include a 10 metre push/pull extended supplies system, is proving a huge success with customers.

The ARC170AC is a solution for large scale anti-corrosion applications. It offers high throughput with large diameter wires and its proven,  Synchrodrive push/pull system has no motor in the pistol, resulting in a lighter, more maneuverable hand-held spray gun with a 10m wire dispense distance.  

The wire drive mechanism operates through a brushless free electric AC drive motor, with flexible cable drive, which is fitted with a 1 metre flying lead and 5 metre extension cable. This ensures a smooth wire feed with minimal maintenance.

The S700CL, 700 amp energiser, still offers high spray rates for reduced spraying times over large areas, but is now combined with a closed loop current control. This enables the operator to set the spray current independent of wire type before starting the job, enabling easier setup and protection of the system from over-current.   

The new system has clear displays and large controls, making it very easy to operate.  The sealed electrical control circuit reduces dust ingression and improves reliability and the new panels and external fuse bank ensures reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).  All of which aim to reduce spray time, improve operator control and deliver consistent high quality coatings.

Benefits of the ARC170AC include: High throughputs and 700 amps continuous operation, which means reduced spraying time; pistol to energiser lengths are 10, 20 or 25 metres as standard; steel reinforced conduits for extended service life and a choice of coating textures. The ARC170AC is also easy to maintain and has low running costs compared to other gas systems.

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