Aqueous coalescer for electrolyte and raffinate entrained organic removal

Paul Boughton

An innovative Aqueous Coalescer has been developed by SpinTek for both electrolyte and raffinate streams. An extensive field testing programme was undertaken to demonstrate both low cost and effective coalescence of entrained organic to improve performance of dual-media filters; and provide a standalone solution for raffinate. The goals as a pre-treatment to dual-media filters are: 1) improve final effluent quality; 2) reduce backwash frequency of the filters; and 3) provide more easily recovered organic than reprocessing backwash electrolyte or water.

The system tests demonstrated operating at pressures less than 140kPa with obtained entrained organic removal of up to 95 per cent. Low operating pressures lead to reduced capital and operating costs and the ability to treat raffinate streams previously not feasible due to high costs.

Further information about the basic operational considerations and design of this coalescer and how it is applied to new construction as well as operating plants can be found at The coalescer can be incorporated into existing dual-media filters to significantly improve organic removal, extend service runs, and reduce backwashing frequency.

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SpinTek Filtration Inc is based in Los Alamitos, CA, USA.

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