Anti-vandal swinghandle latches

Paul Boughton

The all-new EMKA 1317 Protector Program of IP65 swinghandles supersedes the 1107 series with improved design incorporating Haptic principles for improved operation and feel, also taking advantage of advanced design and production technology to reduce weight, produce closer tolerances and achieve compatible materials matching for better performance and reliability.

All variants of the Protector Program are designed for use in outdoor cabinets (eg switch cabinets, telecommunication enclosures or sub stations of energy supply companies) with zinc die versions – single cylinder locking with electronic operation and ELM compatible, plus manual override. Also there are manual operation only and double cylinder versions in zinc die. In addition to zinc die EMKA have glass reinforced polyamide versions in single and double cylinder manual types.

1317 swinghandles offer higher protection levels for outdoor applications to ensure robust and secure installations and feature Electronic types in zinc die with anti-graffiti coating; manual operation is available in zinc die or polyamide with 40mm or 45mm cylinders – specialist KABA cylinders and double cylinder versions are incorporated in the Protector program with a padlockable version also available. There are two sizes in all variants - large (188mm) and small (163mm).

This EMKA patented design is particularly robust ensuring that the swinghandles in the zinc-die version meet the requirements of “WK2” (“RC2”, resistance class 2, protection against vandalism) according to DIN V ENV 1630. They are shock and vibration proof according to DIN EN 61373 and meet protection class IP65 for dust and water ingress. The range features great flexibility of price/performance due to the wide range of models available to suit almost any application. Protector program 1317 has been tested and approved by Deutsche Telekom.

The EMKA Protector 1317 program has been specifically designed to suit the many cut out fitments available on standard cabinets, e.g. Schroff, Knurr, Rittal, Gichert, Krane Almatec and other generic industry standards in general use.

Associated equipment for co-operative installation with the 1317 Protector range includes the 3000 program completely concealed single point latch for use with ELM electronic locking system.

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