All-in-one solution to rust treatment

Louise Davis

Water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe’s Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform has launched Salvage 2+, a durable permanent coating product that prevents liquid from causing corrosion in infrastructure. Salvage 2+ has been designed to combat damage caused when liquid penetrates outer paint layers to reach the substrate and cause problems.

Salvage 2+ is an epoxy two-part formulation that is painted onto surfaces requiring protection. Unlike most rust treatment solutions on the market, the product combines the treatment and protection stages of rust prevention programmes into one simple step to provide an extensive solution to corrosion.

This is achieved by encapsulating rust and preventing it from causing further corrosion, while at the same time creating a protective layer that locks liquids out. Once loose rust has been removed the product can be directly applied to a rusty surface without the need for a primer.

The product’s protective properties are a result of its unique composition. Salvage 2+ is made of a resin-based epoxy, mixed with micro aluminium and glass flakes to make the coating extra durable.

“The hybrid technology of Salvage 2+ offers an innovative solution to rust protection that is ideal for busy environments where time is of the essence,” explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. “The micro aluminium and glass flakes form a torturous route for liquids to penetrate, protecting the surface from creeping-rust without the need for additional coatings.

“The protection offered by Salvage 2+ isn’t exclusive to water damage. It also encompasses other liquids such as oils and certain chemicals, making it ideal for use by maintenance engineers in automotive and construction applications.”

The coating has been subject to extensive scribed hot salt spray testing, which determines how long it takes corrosion to penetrate substrate under adverse conditions. Salvage 2+ endures over 3000 hours of scribed testing, compared to the typical 500 hours exhibited by competitor products in the similar tests.