All-in-one digital multi-meters

Paul Boughton

Amplicon has added to its range of combined digital multi-meters/DC power supplies the Agilent U3606B, further boosting the company’s portfolio of test and measurement equipment and solutions. The recently released U3606B is a fully compatible replacement to the U3606A.

In the world of test and measurement, performing tests on a device under test (DUT) requires a power source, which is typically provided by a power supply. For power measurement, a multi-meter is used. As an alternative to using two separate products, Amplicon has included the new all-in-one unit called a digital multi-meter/power supply. It combines a 5½ digit digital multi-meter and 30 Watt power supply, which operate simultaneously and independently. This ability means each digital multi-meter/power supply is capable of powering a user's DUT while they simultaneously measure voltage, current, frequency or other operations. It also provides fast, accurate, efficient and affordable testing while saving space on a bench or in a rack.

The Agilent U3606B

The Agilent U3606B builds on the success of previous models with several enhancements and additional features. There are improvements to the accuracy of the constant voltage settings, as well as constant current settings. The SCPI programming command set has been expanded to include several more commands, as well as some general improvements to the ripple and noise performance and the transient voltage response time.

As well as all of the new enhancements, a new feature called soft start output has been added; this allows users to select a value from 1 to 10,000 steps for a soft start DC Voltage output. Soft start output is particularly useful for starting DC motors.