Air gun umbilical systems

21st February 2013

Many seismic survey companies operate air gun umbilical systems obtained from a variety of manufacturers and find it increasingly difficult to maintain or repair them.

Most of these companies need a cost effective and independent source which employs personnel with the required skills to re-terminate all umbilical designs currently in use. These engineers have to undertake such work worldwide for a large client base and interface closely with manufacturers to offer fully warranted and terminated systems.

Airgun terminations follow a common theme that comprises a pressure tight stainless steel ‘can’ fitted with electrical and pneumatic connectors together with a strength member housing. There are however a number of specialist systems which do not use 'cans' and incorporate connectors on cable tails.

Most terminations fail as a result of poor handling or hitting obstacles. In many cases the umbilical can be cut back to good cable and reterminated. Very often electrical connectors can be re-used but air-lines have to be reterminated. Strain terminations are frequently recycled after a clean-up and remachining.

The marine seismic industry also uses many other cable and rope systems as well as airgun umbilicals. These include electro-magnetic source and receive cables, high modulus fibres for streamer sections and tow lines, inter-connection harnesses for gun arrays and tail-buoy antennae etc.

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