Advances in tube processing solutions

Paul Boughton

In recent months the Italian tube processing expert OP has launched a number of new products to satisfy the increasing demand of the market. Two of the most important are the Tubomatic S220ES (10in) and the Tubomatic S500ES (12in).

The machines are characterised by the large opening of the heads, designed to facilitate the feeding of the most voluminous flanges, and by the low positioning of the work centre, which simplifies the handling of the large diameter hoses  thus reducing the difficulties for the operator.

Equipped with an 830-ton pressing force, Tubomatic S550ES allows the assembly of industrial hoses up to a maximum of 12in. The S220ES model allows crimping of industrial hoses up to 10in and hydraulic hoses up to a maximum of 3in 6 spirals, through a crimping force equivalent to 450 tons. Both crimpers are provided with an array of options including the ES-4-PLC, back limit switch (only on S220ES), grease-free mechanism, silent pump and front protractor to facilitate the fittings orientation. 

The new electronic control system ES4, provided in all of OP’s V series crimping machines, is capable of guaranteeing excellent performance and maximum precision in the work process, facilitating the implementation of any required customisation.

Simple and intuitive software alongside a new touchscreen colour display helps even the less experienced operators to fully learn how to use the machine within a very short period of time.

Another significant new product introduced in 2015 is Tubocut 3, a compact and economical automatic cutter. Ideal for companies that need to make the cut pipe in large series, this machine can cut hose up of ¾ four spirals with a cutting capacity ranging from a minimum outside diameter of 10mm up to 41mm.

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