Advances in anti-vibration motion profile sculpting

News Editor

Teknic’s g-Stop anti vibration motion profile sculpting is now available in select SC and MC series ClearPath integrated servo motors. This innovative motion profile technology allows the fastest possible moves without exciting mechanical machine resonance. g-Stop helps machine builders improve throughput compared to s-curves or notch filters. g-Stop profiles can be seen in action here.

Key features include easy configuration, flexible motion commands, and robust performance over time and in production. Other benefits include the ability to maximise machine throughput (in machines with vibration, achieve higher throughput when compared to servo drives using S-curves or jerk limiting) as well as a wide range of control options (g-Stop is available in MC and SC series ClearPath. Control with PLCs, microcontrollers, PC’s, Linux Systems (like Raspberry Pi), or even simple buttons.)

Those looking to coordinate multiple axes in a CNC machine or other contouring application can learn about Teknic’s “RAS (Regressive AutoSpline)” algorithm here. RAS goes beyond traditional motion smoothing algorithms such as S-curving or cosine smoothing by limiting the jerk and the jerk-derivative resulting in smoother motion profiles. It can be easily configured with a single click. RAS is available in the SD series ClearPath.